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Arrivederci + Outfit Ideas

Today is the day! After weeks of preparation I am (finally) flying to Florence. My bags are packed, my overflow has been shipped, and I have 9+ hours of trashy TV download on my laptop (#ready).

Although packing was stressful, and I am dreading getting everything up to my apartment, I have really enjoyed the challenge of packing for 7 months abroad. The benefit of taking the time to photograph each item of clothing  (or grab images from the web) is that I can easily see my wardrobes as a whole and plan out my outfits (I mean who doesn’t love planning outfits?).

I got a little carried away last week. I wanted to sit down and make sure everything in my winter capsule was versatile and that I could use every piece (minus some special occasion items/coats) in at least three different looks. I started playing around and before I knew it, I had created 60 unique outfits! I definitely could have created more, but I had to stop myself since I did have more important things I needed to be doing. But this exercise ensured me that the pieces I had selected would be versatile and that I wasn’t wasting space on useless items.

Incase you don’t recall, this is my winter capsule and I made all of the outfits below from just these items:

You can read more about my winter capsule here and my spring capsule here.

And here are all of the fabulous outfits I created:

Like I said before, I am not 100% sold on strict capsule wardrobes (and minimalism in general) for my every day life. I have to admit, however, that the thoughtful selection of clothing items and outfit planning aspects of capsule wardrobes/minimal closets has definitely been fruitful exercises and something I want to continue to do more of! 
Does anyone else pre-plan their closets and travel outfits like this?