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Packing for 7 Months: My Carry On

When comes to international travel, I am serious about my carry on. It seems that with every passing year more and more luggage gets delayed or misplaced (only for a couple days though). I like to be armed and ready, so I’m not inconvenienced and I can turn my baggage misfortune into a good thing – as in someone else has to lug it up the stairs to deliver it to me!
I have shared my detailed international carry on checklist before, but I thought I would also share the specifics on what I am packing in my carry on for this trip.
When traveling from the States you want to maximize your carry on, since it will most likely not be weighed when you check in (this is not true within Europe). If I am going to be traveling within Europe, I make sure to bring a luggage scale, since most discount European carriers will charge you for checked bags by weight as well as restrict the weight of your carry on items.
I like to pack my heaviest items — such as wellies, jeans, boots, etc. — in my carry on so I can ensure I am under 50 pounds with my checked bags (yes bags, I am checking two large suitcases, #nojudgement). I also make sure I have a couple changes of clothing (I actually pack one extra outfit in each carry on bag), extra undergarments, and any items I love so much I don’t want them to leave my side (like my new bon voyage sweater and pink Tory Burch bag). 

In addition to my rolling carry on suitcase, I carry an extra-large tote as my personal item. In this I bring my in-flight essentials — brush (tooth and hair), make up, computer, pens, travel mug (got to stay hydrated), and small notebooks. I also pack my travel jewelry case, camera, important electronics, and power cords. I’m placing my Tiny Tote inside and filling it with my ziplocked travel-sized toiletries (no space should be left empty when packing!). I keep my passport, cellphone, tickets, and money/cards handy with my amazing Dagne Dover clutch wallet. And if an airline agent gets persnickety about my number of items, I can easily slip my clutch inside my tote. Finally you can see what I plan on wearing here
Well there you have it, my carry on! What are your carry on essentials?