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Outfit: Vienna

hat // bow (last seen here) // blouse (old, similar) // coat // jeans // scarf (old, similar)
boots (from Florence) // gloves (from Florence) // purse (old, similar)

Vienna was beautiful, but so cold! Even in my warmest wool coat, blanket scarf, gloves, and wool hat, I found myself shivering a bit whenever we stopped walking. Fortunately, the ice skating and warm mulled wine following our walking tour warmed me right up (you can read my recap of Vienna here)! Vienna felt like a very chic and elegant city and while I probably would have been warmer in my fair isle wool sweater, wellies, and puffy coat, I felt like I had to dress the part for Vienna. Don’t worry, I only took the blanket scarf off for photos (if you look closely you can tell how cold I was!). I stayed bundled in my blanket scarf all day.

I am thinking of heading to Prague this weekend, which will have similar if not colder temps. It has been unseasonably warm in Florence for the past couple weeks, so I am kind of looking forward to getting bundled up again. My impression is that Prague is a bit less regal and more picturesque. Cue the colorful wool sweaters and blanket scarves!

Has anyone been to Prague? What shouldn’t I miss?