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Packing: 12 days in Europe

I am not sure why I love creating packing posts so much, but they are definitely my favorite. I love the challenge of efficiently packing in general. I am always amazed at the pins on Pinterest that proclaim you can travel for three weeks in Europe in a carry on. Sure, that’s impressive, but I don’t want to wear the same black leggings for five days in Paris. I want to look fashionable and still pack efficiently! Of course, it won’t fit into a carry on, but I am fine with a larger suitcase. I mean is there some sort of prize I don’t know about if you fit everything in a carry on?
Anyways, my friend Nicole arrived in Florence this past Friday, and Saturday evening we boarded our night-train to Paris. We will be spending a total of 12 days traveling around Paris, London, and Dublin. Of course, I was tempted to pack all of my favorites (I mean who doesn’t want to look fashionable in Paris and London?), but I tried to be as efficient as possible while still getting my chic on. I always advise people to splurge a little when packing coats. Yes, one will do, but then you look like you are wearing the exact same thing every picture, in every city.
I also try to consider the types of activities I will be doing. In Paris and London we will stay in the city centers and enjoy all things cultural. In Dublin, however, we have plans to explore the countryside. So I had to pack more casual and function items for the last portion of our trip.
You may have noticed some dresses in this capsule that were not a part of my original packing capsule (winter here and spring here). Well, that’s because I met a designer in Florence whose work I fell in love with! Suite by Jennifer Diederich is a whimsical line of party dresses and “escape coats.” I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer and we have become fast friends. I love all of her designs and after an evening of fabric shopping together I ended up commissioning three dresses! 
I am definitely a whimsical dresser (I blame Kate Spade and now Jennifer). I can’t resist sporting my petite beret and Bonjour Monsieur clutch in Paris, my red wellies in London, and my plaid skirt and green ballet flats in Dublin (I mean we will be there for St. Patrick’s Day!). 
Here are the outfits I am planning on wearing in each city. I have said it before and I will say it again, planning out each outfit visually really helps you avoid overpacking. I don’t usually change for dinner (too much effort and too many clothes to pack lol), but I do pack one dress for going out or for an unexpected fancy evening.

Stay tuned for lots of pictures from Paris!

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