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Postcards from Prague: Part Two

On my second day in Prague, we focused on the portion of the city west of the river, which is dominated by the vast Prague castle complex. We started our tour at the Charles Bridge and then headed to the vibrant John Lennon Wall (such fun pictures!). The wall was just a wall, until students started using it to air their grievances (with graffiti) during the communist regime in the 1980s. For these young revolutionaries, John Lennon, who advocated peace, was a hero. And since listening to rock music was banned, students would often write song lyrics or paint images of Lennon on the wall. Thus it became a symbol of non-violent resistance and free speech. The graffiti on the wall constantly changes and you can even add your mark if you like.
After an intense photo session, everyone had to get the perfect pic of course, we started the trek up the castle hill. The castle complex is almost a city itself. In fact, it is the largest castle complex in the world (7 football fields long)! It is a vast collection of buildings, which include the Prague Cathedral, palaces, government buildings, and gardens. It dates from the 9th century and is a hodgepodge of architectural and artistic styles, from gothic to baroque. You should definitely set aside a large chunk of time to explore this amazing castle.
After lunch the group dispersed and I set out to find an amazing bakery I had heard about. Caffe Savoy is a gorgeous belle époque cafe with an amazing selection of Viennese-style treats. After filling up on sweets, I continued to just wander the streets of Prague. As you can see the weather wasn’t as nice as my first day, but I still managed to get some great shots of the city from the other side of the river.
It was nice to relax and just stroll. And I kept noticing stores selling beautiful leather gloves in every color imaginable. I took the opportunity to purchase some gorgeous long, light pink gloves, which I can’t wait to debut in Paris. It was another short weekend trip, but like Budapest and Vienna, it was completely worth it and I hope I get the chance to spend more time in this amazing city!
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