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A Dirndl A Day Brings the Lederhosen Your Way

Hands down the best part about Springfest was dressing up in a traditional Bavarian dirndl. I was skeptical when people told me that everyone, especially the locals, dress in dirndls and lederhosen for beer festivals. I thought maybe their were pulling my leg, but sure enough they were right. I received a bunch of questions and emails after posting my dirndls to Instagram inquiring about where to get one and how much they cost. So I thought I would share my experience purchasing mine.
Typically most people wait until they arrive in Munich to purchase their dirndl or lederhosen. I, however, was not sold on that idea. I mean, what if I couldn’t find one I liked, or that fit me right? So a couple weeks before leaving, I took matters into my own hands and did a little internet sleuthing. I found this great website (which has super fast shipping and an excellent return policy). After agonizing over my options I landed on the first one pictured above. I followed their sizing guide to the letter and was happy with the fit (although it was a little tight in the bust region, but apparently that is how they are supposed to fit).  
Once I arrived in Munich I naturally had to explore my options there. I have concluded that there are three types of these shops in Munich: 1) the super traditional and super expensive stores that are open year-round, 2) the souvenir shops that sell cheaply made versions (which are also on the sluttier side) alongside novelty items, and 3) the middle of the road superstores that I suspect pop up more before Springfest and Oktoberfest. I recommend this third kind, and it is where I bought my second dirndl. 
I went to the Original Steindl on Neuhauserstrasse 10. I don’t know whether it is open year round (and sadly they don’t seem to have a website), but it is definitely open for both Oktoberfest and Springfest. I found it had the best selection of quality but moderately priced dirndls (from 60 to 200 euros, the average was around 100). While the store is massive and busy, the staff are super helpful. They will help you find the perfect fit and accessories, and there is definitely something for everyone there. I definitely don’t regret pre-ordering my first dirndl. It meant that I arrived in Munich and didn’t have to stress about finding one or search all over town for a store. It also meant I wasn’t wearing the same dress as ten other tourists. So if you can pre-order, I say do it. But if you can’t, rest assured you can find one there.
Has anyone else ever dressed up for Oktoberfest or Springfest?