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Outfit: Gingham + Floral + Leopard

jacket // shirt // pants // sneakers (old, similar) // bag 

These J.Crew pants are probably the most comfortable pants I own. So I knew they would be perfect for a full (and chilly) day of sightseeing in Amsterdam. And you know I can’t resist a little pattern play (you can find my print mixing rules here), so I paired them with my favorite navy gingham shirt. I swear by these Brooks Brothers no-iron button-up shirts. They are the only button-ups I can wear that don’t gape at the chest, hold their shape, and aren’t too long. They are worth every penny. I have had this one for a year, it looks brand new and I have never had to iron it!

Since mixing two patterns wasn’t enough for me, and because leopard is a neutral, I added my favorite leopard slip-on sneakers. Perfect for a day of walking and standing in museums (museum feet are real, people!). I added my new cropped trench from J.Crew to complete the ensemble and keep me warm. I ordered this cropped trench from Italy and I was really hesitant at first (you pay about 20 percent more for things when you order them from here). It is hard to justify the inflated international price (thanks to the Euro and import taxes), but after searching Florence for a spring/summer jacket that I liked and coming up empty, I caved and ordered this. I am very happy I did, I have worn it non stop since.

This adorable little stoop in Amsterdam made the perfect backdrop to snap a couple outfit photos, and my cousin was such a great sport about it!

I think mixing prints is one of the easiest ways to maximize a travel wardrobe and look chic in the process. What are your tricks for traveling in style?