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10 Tips for Traveling With Style

Traveling with style is not nearly as much work as people think it is. It is surprisingly simple to look put-togehter, fashionable, and still be comfortable while exploring a new destination. You don’t need to pack a million bags or spend days agonizing over what to pack (unless you are into that). You just need to know the secrets to looking chic while still wearing function and comfortable clothing, shoes, and accessories. So I thought I would share some of my easy “rules” for traveling with style.

1) Don’t Shy Away From Color
I see all of these capsule wardrobes on Pinterest that are nothing but dull and drab neutrals. You don’t have to wear all neutrals for your clothing to match. It is boring and washes so many people out. Furthermore, wearing color looks great in photos. So embrace the color!

2) Low Profile Sneakers
I love low-profle sneakers, they are my go-to travel shoe. They are sleek enough to go with dresses, but still functional enough to conquer a new city. And since they are on trend at the moment, there are so many options to choose from (I’m currently wearing these, wanting these, and lusting over these). I also love ballet flats for travel, just make sure they are well worn beforehand to avoid blisters.

3) Fit and Flare Dresses
This is more of a life rule than a travel rule for me. I promise you, you can never go wrong with a fit and flare dress. They are flattering, can be dressed up or down (depending of fabric and pattern of course), and are comfortable. There’s a reason why it is considered a timeless silhouette. And remember, dresses are much more versatile than you think.

4) Add a Hat
Not only does a hat protect your hair and face from the sun, it adds instant drama. Hats definitely make a statement. I am currently loving the boater hat trend (here and here). Hats are also great for when you don’t want to do/wash your hair.

5) Statement Sunglasses
Nothing adds instant glamor like large statement sunnies. I love traveling with a great pair of sunglasses because they camouflage everything and mean that you can still look great even if you don’t feel like wearing makeup… I mean you’re on vacation right?

6) Mix Prints
Another more general life rule I abide by. Mixing prints can double the outfits one suitcase can hold. It also adds a level of interest and sophistication to even the most basic look. You can read more about my guidelines for mixing prints here.

7) Focus on Functional Fabrics
I am all about the functional fabrics when I am traveling. I want wrinkle and stain resistant fabrics that can stand up to the heat (or cold in the winter) and resist the grimy nature of major cities. Wool blends are great for colder weather because they are durable and warm, and don’t wrinkle. I am also a huge fan of ponte fabric in the summer and any fabric with a bit of spandex.

8) Pick Items based on Fit and Proportion
Since photos can be unforgiving (you are after all rendering a 3-D person on a 2-D surface), you will want clothing that not only fits well but is well proportioned for your body. I also abide by the skirt-length to heel-height ratio rule. If your skirt is to the knees or longer wear a heel or wedge. But if your skirt is above the knee, wear flats. Honestly one of the biggest keys to looking great in a photo is clothing proportion!

9) Visualize (or Layout) Every Outfit
I swear by this! Yes, it is an extra step and can be time consuming (I actually think it is fun), but it always keeps me from overpacking and helps me be more creative with what I do pack. It also solves the “what am I going to wear today?” question. You can see some examples of how I outfit plan for trips here and here.

10) Add Accessories 
Accessories are a great way to jazz up an outfit. I don’t believe in a lot of accessories, however, when you travel. No need to overpack jewelry and bags, which take up space and add extra weight. Instead I prefer to pick statement accessories, like a mini beret or whimsical bag.

Do you have any tips or tricks for traveling with style?