Outfit: A Popsicle in Pompeii

shorts // top // purse // hat // sunnies // shoes (my favorite shoes for travel)

While I am enjoying Paris with my family, I thought I would share another outfit from my trip to the Amalfi Coast two weeks ago. Don’t worry, there will be lots of Paris pics once I return!

If I could describe Pompeii in one word, it would be HOT. In my opinion, there is nothing hotter and more uncomfortable than touring ancient ruins in the summer. This is especially true for the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, since there is nothing but un-shaded ruins. So when touring Pompeii comfort and sun protection are my two priorities. You’ll want good shoes (closed toe since there are a lot of rocks and dust, especially if you climb Vesuvius), a comfy and cool outfit, a hat, and a ton of sunscreen! I also added my adorable popsicle purse to keep me cool, well thinking of cold things anyway.

Despite the high temps and unforgiving sun, Pompeii really is an amazing place to explore. Frozen in time by the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius, it is one of the best preserved ancient Roman sites.

Have you ever been to Pompeii?

5 thoughts on “Outfit: A Popsicle in Pompeii”

  1. I was so excited to find this on my Google image search! Been a long time follower on Instagram. 🙂
    I'm going on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise in May, and will definitely make it to Pompeii!! It's so high on my list of "must-see" places in the world. Have you ever been in that area in May? I read online it'll be in the 60s, which to a Miami girl like me is pretty cold. Lol. Would something like what you're wearing be appropriate that time of year?

  2. Yay! glad you found me 😉

    Italian weather in May can be a bit unpredictable. But I would say southern Italy will be a bit warmer than the 60s in May (at least in my experience). You will definitely want to pack layers so you are ready no matter what. I would probably do jeans with a light top and a heavier sweater (just in case), or a dress with a spring jacket (like a trench or heavier cotton). Hope this helps and have an amazing time!

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