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Florence Guide: La Menagerie

What – La Menagere
Where – Via dei Ginori, 8r
When – Everyday from 7:00 am to 2:00 am
Wearing – My summer travel uniform
Why – Because Jen and I had to check out the hippest new place in town!

When I first started spending my summers in Florence I was struck by how traditional the city was. Florence proudly clung to its identity as the cradle of the Renaissance and eschewed anything too trendy or modern. Take away or iced coffee was a no-no, international food was hard to come by, and vegan or vegetarian restaurants were almost non-existent. But times they are a changin’ in Florence! In the past couple years I have seen a huge transformation in Florence’s food scene, and the new hip spot in Florence, La Menagere, is a perfect example of this cosmopolitain makeover.
Part flower shop, part cafe, part restaurant, part cocktail bar, and part unique home goods retailer (think a la Anthropologie), La Menagere offers a modern and relaxed environment to sip your morning coffee, enjoy lunch, or reserve a spot at the family-style nightly dinner. There is just a general buzz of excitement around everyone in La Menagere — from the happy tourists surfing the free-wifi and sipping drip coffee, to the Italians admiring the purposefully unfinished architectural elements, to the happy and friendly staff in their Breton striped tops. It is definitely my new favorite spot in Florence!