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Home Sweet Home

In less then two weeks I will be back in the States indulging in everything I have missed! I have to admit that one of the things I have missed the most is shopping. I know, I know, as I listen to myself write this I realize how horrible that sounds. But, I love American sportswear. I have a more classic, preppy style, which is next to impossible to shop for in Italy (I have better luck in France and England).

Sure, Italy has amazing high fashion (I make a point to pass Dolce and Gabbana at least once a week), but when it comes to everyday wear, or street style, we don’t see eye to eye. Italian fashion is either high-end designer or low-end trendy. Only a handful of stores offer quality, classic items at middle of the road prices. When I do find things I like, I struggle with fit and proportion. For all of these reasons, I am super excited to return home and indulge in a bit of shopping. I also plan on enjoying everything else I missed — giant American coffees, cable TV, breakfast, Amazon Prime (just being able to get everything I need in one place and delivered in 2 days!), and non-Italian food (Indian and Thai especially). I realize this list makes me sound a bit shallow, but I am just keeping it real, it’s the little things you miss the most! Of course, I am also excited to catch up with friends and family and cuddle my sweet Ophelia who, let’s be honest, I have missed the most!

This trip will be especially sweet because I get to savor being home while knowing that I will be back in Florence in three weeks (I think it will actually feel strange to sleep in my bed again). So going home is my summer vacation. You can bet that these past few weeks I have been cutting back and saving as much as possible so that I can shop till I drop state-side. Here is a peak of some of the items I have my eye on (I already caved and ordered the red gingham skirt):