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I have to admit that when my family said they wanted to spend one of their days in Paris at Versailles my heart sank a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the chateau is gorgeous and historically important, but all I could think about were the massive crowds we would have to brave and the incredibly long line we would waste most of the day in.  I tried to warn them, but I don’t think they believed me. Perhaps they thought I was exaggerating, but they quickly understood once we got there. No joke, we arrived to a line of about three thousand people, snaked up, down, and around the large courtyard in front of the entrance. We soon realized that in order to see the chateau, we would have to spend most of the day in that line. And PS, everyone in that line had pre-purchsed tickets, just like us.
While the main house of Versailles is beautiful and worth visiting, it isn’t worth wasting your day in line to see, especially with the incredible gardens and other smaller palaces on the grounds. So we took action and skipped the chateau and headed straight to the gardens entrance, where there was little to no line. In my opinion the massive gardens, Petit Trion (another palace on the property), and Marie Antoinette’s little “hamlet” are far more interesting (and less crowded) to explore. 
It was definitely the best decision. We had such a fun day exploring the gardens, wondering the hamlet, and taking pictures. It wasn’t the most beautiful summer day, but it didn’t rain and the cloud cover kept us from overheating. I wore this Karen Millen dress that I picked up on sale at Printemps with my trusty denim jacket (my favorite for travel since it goes with everything!). Naturally I did a bit of shopping while in Paris. I much prefer the shopping in Paris, London, and Berlin than in Italy, so whenever I visit, I like to indulge a bit.
What are your thoughts on Versailles? I have heard from friends that the Château de Fontainebleau is just as interesting as Versailles and actually more enjoyable to visit, since it sees a fraction of the number of tourists. I think I am definitely adding Fontainebleau to my travel list. 
PS – You can see more pics from our time in Paris here.

  1. Kathleen Manning

    I would definitely recommend Fountainebleau. I got the advice that you really only need to see one château, and the contrarian in me opted for the less famous one. It is beautiful, though after spending hours among all the ridiculously gilded surfaces, you get a new appreciation for why the peasants were so aggrieved during the revolution.

  2. Pamela RG

    I highly recommend Fontainebleau. There are less crowds, more furniture and art in the Chateau. The gardens in Versailles are really grand. But the lines there are ridiculous.

  3. GG

    Hey Ashley! I love and admire your blog! You have such thoughtful posts, and you're a master at pattern mixing! I started my own blog a while ago, and I was wondering if you had any tips? (e.g. format & design) I'm always looking for ways to improve. Thanks so much for your inspiring posts!

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