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Outfit: Parisian Doors

dress (and here) // purse (old, similar) // sandals // denim jacket // sunglasses

As you know by now I am obsessed with two things in this pictures, Parisian doors and this Kate Spade dress. I took these photos with Shannon one evening while in Paris. We couldn’t decide which door we loved more, so we took a million photos with each. Funny enough, while shooting at both, people came home and let us take some snaps with the doors open.

I had not planned on pairing this dress with these neon-orange J.Crew sandals, but after a couple days of trekking Paris in new-ish sandals (I know, I know, I should know better), my feet were not happy and these sandals were the only ones I could wear all day. In the end, I don’t hate them with the dress. I like how the denim jacket and sandals dresses it down and gives the dress a more casual feel.

Just before I left for Paris, I treated myself to some new sunglasses. People always ask if designers are cheaper in Italy. Usually they are not. The price is typically the same, so you actually pay more if the dollar isn’t equal to the euro. I have recently discovered, however, that some items really are cheaper here. Case in point these sunglasses.

They are the “so real” by Christian Dior. I saw them in passing one day and loved the unique frame and mirrored lens. Because I obsessively wear sunglasses both in Florence and Florida — I have light and sensitive eyes — I don’t mind investing in them (price per wear after all). I tried these on and fell in love. They were pricey, but a normal level of pricey for sunglasses. I told the lady in the store that I would think about them and returned home. When I googled them online (to see if I could find a better price of course) I was shocked to discover they were almost two hundred more in the states. I returned the next day and inquired why. Apparently Dior manufactures all of their frames in Italy, which does make them cheaper here. And since it’s Florence, I was able to barter with the sales lady a bit. In the end, I got them at a great price (plus I was reimbursed for the tax)! So glad I went ahead and got them. So now you know, buy your Christian Dior sunglasses in Italy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. I will be sharing pics from my weekend in Amalfi tomorrow!