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Postcards From The Amalfi Coast

If you follow along on Instagram, then you know that I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend in the Amalfi Coast. Not being state-side for the Fourth of July is sad (I have actually missed the past eight Fourth of Julys!). But if there is anyway to make up for it, it is enjoying Italy’s most beautiful coastline. It was a quick, but fantastic trip.

I had not planned on managing/guiding any groups this summer. I wanted to have zero distractions from my research. But my old boss called me a couple weeks a go and said he needed someone to guide a group of 13 students from Rome on a weekend in the Amalfi Coast. With temperatures soaring in Florence, I couldn’t refuse!
I met the group Friday evening in Sorrento. The next morning we got up bright and early, to beat the heat and the crowds, and headed to my favorite beach town, Positano. We spent the day lounging on the beach, sipping granitas and prosecco, and frolicking in the refreshing crystal-clear water. One of the other professors and I even treated ourselves to an afternoon drink on the balcony of Positano’s best hotel, the Hotel Sirenuse.
The next day we once again got up bright and early and caught the ferry to the island of Capri. We took an amazing private boat tour around the island, stopped for a swim near the famous faraglioni rocks, and explored all of the incredible grottos. Afterwards, we headed up to town for a seafood lunch, and while the students relaxed on the beach in Marina Piccola, I explored on to Annacapri. I rarely make it up to the second town on the island. This time I was determined to take the chair lift to the highest point of the island. It was so worth it, both the ride up and the view were spectacular!

After an exhausting day, and a lot more citrus granitas, we hopped on the ferry to Naples, where the bus picked us up to return to Rome. I was supposed to take the train directly from Naples to Florence, but our ferry was late and I missed the last train of the day. So, I went to Rome with the students and had an unexpected evening in Rome. While I would have preferred to get back to Florence that night, I made the most of my evening in Rome. Sometimes with travel you just cant stress over the things you cannot control!
Although it didn’t feel like the Fourth of July, it was a pretty spectacular weekend, and I still rocked my red, white, and blue. How did you spend your Fourth?