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You know when you meet somebody and you just click? It is as if you have always known each other and your friendship was pre-destined. That was exactly how I felt when I met Jessica. Jess and I met online when I first began blogging. We both starting following each other and, as fellow PhDs struggling to find the balance between our girly, stylish sides and our intellectual pursuits, we had much to commiserate and chat about.

Over the years we slowly grew closer, commenting on each other’s blogs, emailing, and discussing opportunities to work together (our research subjects are also compatible). But it wasn’t until this summer that we finally met in person. Jess and her husband wed in July and jetted off on a European honeymoon… that included Florence.

As much as I was worried about crashing someone’s honeymoon, I knew I wanted to at least meet up with Jess for coffee. Don’t worry, Jess wanted to meet too, I didn’t technically crash their honeymoon. Well, coffee turned into drinks, and drinks turned into dinner, which turned into three days of non-stop fun! The three of us instantly hit it off and had so much in common that twice we closed down the restaurant where we went out to dinner. Both the wine and conversation didn’t stop flowing.

I feel so fortunate that Jess and I were finally able to connect in person. We are both bummed we live so far away in the States, but we are already planning where and when to meet up again. I had so much fun sharing Florence with them. And it is rare that you meet people who share so many of your life experiences and have so much in common. My only regret was not getting a chance to introduce Jen to Jess because I knew they would have hit it off as well. Also, you should definitely follow Jess on Instagram because she is currently relaxing in my favorite city, Positano.

It is funny how living far from home has actually connected me to so many great people back home!