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My Favorite Places in Tampa (Part 1)

After four days of intense cuddling with Ophelia in Atlanta (she stays there while I am abroad), I finally drove south to Tampa for my home-cation. It has been so nice to come home. But it’s also weird. I don’t know how to describe it other than everything feels different yet exactly the same. Anyone else ever spend a long time away from home and experienced this sensation?

Since I only have a little over two and a half weeks in Tampa, I am determined to make the most of it and visit all of my favorite places. One thing I have to say about Tampa is that we have a great food and drink scene – lots of independent and unique restaurants and bars. Britt and I have been diligently crossing each of my favorites off my Tampa to-do list. 
One of the things I have missed the most is American breakfast. If you have spent time abroad, you can definitely relate to this one. And there are a bunch of great breakfast places in Tampa. My top two are Pinky’s and Daily Eats. Another local favorite of my is Buddy Brew Coffee. Buddy Brew roasts all of their own coffee beans in house, in addition to making the best avocado toast in town. Buddy Brew coffee is also served at another one of my favorite spots in town, the Oxford Exchange, which is a bookstore, home store (they have the cutest stuff!), restaurant, tea room and coffee bar. 

Unfortunately, one cannot live on breakfast alone (or maybe you can?), so I also have a list of my favorite bars and restaurants I want to enjoy. Topping that list are Datz and Fresh Kitchen. Datz serves a modern take on southern comfort food and Fresh Kitchen manages to make brussels sprouts taste like a treat. We have also hit up happy hour at our local speakeasy, Ciro’s, which offers an array of delicious cocktails, 1920s decor, and even requires a password to enter. And of course, after a couple of cocktails, we can’t pass up a game of giant Jenga at Yard of Ale.

You won’t get in Ciro’s Speakeasy without the password!

To offset all of this eating (#nodietsonvacation) I am hitting up my favorite work out class, which I have missed terribly – Body Attack at the YMCA. While I like to walk/jog and hike in Florence, I definitely have not kept up the fitness level I had before departure. And I really felt all that pasta and wine when I tried to go back lol. But I made it and plan on going as many times I can while I am in town because it is the best workout I have ever experienced.

I promise to share more of my Tampa favorites next week!