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Postcards from Santorini: Day 4

Tired of Santorini pics yet? No? Ok, good because here are some more! Sadly, however, this is the last round. These are from my last day on the island, which I spent hiking the incredible trail from Fira to Oia. The trail is easy to find, it starts at the archeology museum and Fira and the trail is well marked by signs along the way.

The full hike takes just over three hours and is about 9 kilometers long… and it is completely worth it! The views are incredible and it is not a necessarily difficult trek. The hike takes you through stunning towns of Firostefani and Imerovigli on your way around the rim of the caldera and finally finishing in Oia.

Not only is the hike not difficult, but it is incredibly peaceful, just a handful of tourists along the way. I recommend getting an early start to beat the heat (I also recommend filling up on delicious fresh crepes with fruit in Fira at the Corner Cafe before starting). I was fortunate that it was a bit cloudy and windy the day I went.

About half way through the hike you come across this little church perched high on one of the hills (it’s actually called the black hill). The little church is whitewashed and serene with a bell archway that perfectly frames the town of Oia below. If I ever am lucky enough to return to Santorini, this little archway will be my next sunset shot!

The hike ends in, where else, Oia. One can never get to much of Oia and I was excited to return once more. The hike works up quite an appetite, so I indulged in some traditional dishes before taking more, you guessed it, pictures of blue domes lol. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering and shopping in Oia. I wanted to stay and catch a shot of that magical sunset everyone one is always raving about. It did not disappoint and was certainly worth the wait.

But instead of heading to the crowded castle for the standard sunset over the ocean shot (which, in my opinion, looks the same everywhere), I stayed in my favorite blue-dome-spot so I could get a shot of the sun setting over the city (here are the gps coordinates if you want to find it – 36.46092, 25.37622). Where ever you pick for your shot, make sure you get there about an hour before sunset to stake out a spot.

Of course, leaving Santorini was bittersweet, but I am always happy to return to Florence, and happy to mark another incredible adventure off my bucket list!

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