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My Christmas Wish List

I love making a good list, and when it is centered around things I want, even better. I am a little worried about returning home at the end of the month because my desire to shop until I drop grows with each passing day. I so miss shopping in the States – the style and my favorite brands and stores. It is going to take a lot of self-control not to go crazy! Hopefully the holidays will distract me and remind me what matters more, getting home to see my friends and family.

My favorite kind of presents to give and receive are the little things that you wouldn’t normally splurge on for yourself. Maybe it is a nice candle, your favorite purse in a different color, a decorative journal, or over-priced pjs. Things you would love to have, but feel guilty buying for yourself, or because you choose to prioritize your money differently (like clothing and handbags lol). There is definitely a time and a place for practical gifts (I do love a gift card), but if someone knows you well enough, then they should be able to surprise you with something just a little bit indulgent.

Here’s what’s on my list: the sweetest little journal (love the green color) // a chinoiserie vase (I can’t get enough of this trend) // my favorite underwear in the world // a fun makeup gift set (I am obsessed with brows) // plaid pjs (you can never have enough) // a stylish Fitbit // a great clutch (I mean it’s pink and fluffy!) // the perfect stripe shirt (just when you thought you couldn’t love a stripe shirt more, they add bows!) // cheeky pencils // a bright red mini-bag // world’s cutest pencil case (for my inner nerd)