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My Top Ten Moments of 2015

2015 was such an incredible year that picking just ten moments was a challenge. But after much debate, and strolls down memory lane, I finally settled on ten, although I could have easily done twenty! So without further ado, here they are my top 10 favorite moments of 2015:

10. Crossing the Chain Bridge in Budapest

9.  Poising in Front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague

8. Sipping Hot Wine and Ice Skating in Vienna

7. Exploring Santorini by 4-Wheeler

6. Road Tripping Through the Sunflower Fields of Tuscany

5. Riding Matching Pink Vespas through Tuscany with Shannon

4. Frolicking Through the Snow in Austria on the Sound of Music Tour

3. Meeting up With My Family in Paris

2. Strolling (and Laughing Uncontrollably) Through Montmartre with my Best Friend

1. Watching the Sunrise in a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia