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History in High Heel’s Paris Map

Outside of Italy, Paris will always be my favorite city. I love visiting Paris, and I go whenever I can. I was fortunate enough to visit three times last year, and with each trip I fell even more in love with the city. My last trip in November was especially meaningful, as it was just six days after the terrorist attacks. But Parisians are resilient, and we joined them in their refusal to be terrorized.

Since returning home, I have finally been able to put together a (somewhat) comprehensive custom Google map of Paris. I love creating custom Google maps, it is the best way to share information on a particular place. The best part is that you can save the map and reference it while traveling. I am particularly proud of my efforts to map as many gorgeous Parisian doors as I could, and tracking down some amazing (but often kept secret) photo spots.

Click here to see my map of Paris. Bookmark/save this link to access the map while traveling.

And here is a great blog post that walks you through creating, accessing, and saving custom google maps.

Feel free to comment with suggestions to add to the map, or things I overlooked.

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