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Postcards from DC

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I had such an amazing time this past weekend in DC with my cousins. We explored all of downtown DC and Georgetown. Thank goodness we did most of this by foot, because we also sampled all of the cupcakes, poptarts, and scones DC had to offer.

We started our first full day in DC at the Library of Congress, which is heaven for a nerd like myself. And since my cousins are just like me, we registered for reading cards so we could explore fully. Sadly, the LoC had very little on the late Medici Court. After pretending we were in a scene from National Treasure, we did a little walking tour past the Supreme Court, Capitol building, and Georgetown Law (where my cousin attends). Michael had one last class before spring break, so Shelby and I headed over to Georgetown to explore.

Hands down, Georgetown was my favorite part of DC. I instantly fell in love with this adorable and historic neighborhood. Shel and I spent the afternoon strolling and snacking before meeting back up with Michael for some Indian food.

Our next day was all about museums and monuments. We strolled down the National Mall to see the Washington and Lincoln Memorials before heading to some of our favorite Smithsonian Museums. We started with the American History Museum to see the famous American flag that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner and Abraham Lincoln’s top hat. Next, we hopped over to the National Archives to look at the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Although I’ve seen all of these before, the historian and archive-lover in me can never get enough of old documents.

After so much American history, I was in desperate need of a little European history and art. We headed over to the National Gallery of Art so I could feel at home with the Medici, Da Vinci, and Fra Angelico. After lunch we headed back to Georgetown so Michael could show us around the University Campus before dinner.

For our final day, we tackled the rest of the monuments we had missed – the Jefferson Memorial, Rosevelt Memorial, and the MLK Memorial. I really loved both the Rosevelt and MLK memorials. Both were beautifully done and moving.

Unfortunately, our flights back to Florida were not coordinated well and I ended up having an extra day by myself in DC. You can guess where I spent it. Yep, shopping and strolling in Georgetown.

Here is a little summary of my DC favorites:

Favorite Bites:
Homemade poptarts from Ted’s Bulletin 
Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes
Cupcakes from Baked and Wired
Lunch at Napoleon
Scones from Lady Camellia
Taj of India

Favorite Sites:
National Portrait Gallery (Hall of Presidents)
Library of Congress
Rosevelt Memorial
Georgetown (in general)
National Archives
American History Museum (Smithsonian)
National Gallery of Art (Smithsonian)

What are your favorite spots in DC?