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Stocking Up For Summer

As much as I love my summer travels, planning and packing for three months abroad never seems to get any easier. Although, I do think I get a little better at it with each passing year. The key is that you have to think ahead and prep for not one, but two seasons, and all sorts of possible weather conditions and activities. This also means you have to purchase everything you need before you depart, and the search for cute, but still comfortable shoes, is a never ending saga.

While May in Italy is delightful (with some rainy days here and there), June, July, and August can be brutally hot. You would think I could handle hot, being from Florida and all, but heat is different when you are sightseeing/touring/exploring outside all day. Not running from your air conditioned home to your air conditioned car. Sadly, air conditioning is hard to find in Italy.

To beat the heat, I stick to dresses, skirts, and shorts (when appropriate) in natural fibers like cotton. I always try to select dresses with a short sleeve and a hem to the knee so I am church ready without having to add an extra layer. For some reason dresses with short sleeves are extremely hard to find! I will never understand why, they are so versatile and always work appropriate.

With just two and a half weeks left before I depart (I just had a mini panic attack with that realization), I have to finalize all of my purchases for summer. I have narrowed down what I want to bring and figured out what I am missing. I needed to add a couple more lightweight dresses, tops, and white sandals. I adore both of these eyelet dresses. Both are easy to wear and comfortable but still look super chic and put together.

This off-the-shoulder bright yellow top (which comes in petite!) will look great with all of the navy gingham I am packing (#sorrynotsorry). I couldn’t believe how cute and comfy these white sandals are. They won’t work if you need arch support, but for me they are perfect. Finally, I couldn’t resist adding another hat to my collection (sun protection is super important when outdoors all day) and these fun tassel earrings. My color palette is bright as usual, but everything can be easily mixed and matched, which is the key to packing for big trips.