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Cali or Bust!

Ok, to be fair, I took this photo in Florida. But “potayto, potahto,” right?

So in just one week I am heading to California! I received a fellowship this fall at a research institution there. I am flying out to Cali a little early to meet Emily in Napa. As a dedicated wino, Napa has always been on my bucket list. Although, I’m afraid I am quite the Italian wine snob now (you can read my tips on tasting and drinking wine like a pro here).

After our long weekend in Napa, Emily heads back to New York and I head to Pasadena where I will be staying. I have only been to California once, and that was when I was nine to visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park. So, needless to say, I am excited to spend some quality time on the west coast.

Here is where you come in. If you are familiar with LA and the surrounding areas (it is my understanding I am not far from downtown LA), please share any tips and recommendations you have! While I will be dissertating away during the week, I really want to explore on the weekends.

Oh, and while Em and I have pretty much mapped out our Napa plans, feel free to send any recs for Napa too.

Happy Friday!