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Carneros Inn + Farm, Napa

dress (last seen here) // hat // sunnies // c/o Dagne Dover tote // mules

The Carneros Inn was probably my favorite estate that we visited while in Napa. It is an incredible blend of rustic charm and luxury chic. The estate features contemporary but quaint little cottages surrounded by gorgeous vineyards on a vast property with all the amenities — outdoor communal games, spa, pool, and, my favorite part, spectacular restaurants.

The entire estate is beyond charming. Emily and I were particularly enamored with the porch swings at the Boon Fly Cafe. We are both suckers for a good photo op, so this swing on the porch of a vibrant-red, barn-esque building was a dream come true. We must have taken a hundred photos on that swing!

After photographing our hearts out, Emily and I headed over to another restaurant on the property, Farm, for Sunday brunch. This was arguably one of the best meals of my life! Now, Farm is very trendy and quite famous, so I was weary that it would not live up to all the hype.

But, I was dead wrong. Farm is famous for good reason. The menu was sort of tapas style, offering unique creations made from locally grown fruits and veggies. For a set price (which I thought was not overpriced might I add) you select four dishes from the menu. Despite our concerns (and growling stomachs), splitting 4 small dishes proved to be more than enough food between the two of us. We tried the lobster roll, beet and berry salad, blueberry crostata, and the flatbread with figs, caramelized onions, and cheese. Each dish was delicious and we could not pick a favorite. Like I said, best meal of my life!

Sadly this was our last day in Napa and after stuffing our faces we had to drive back to San Fransisco to fly out.

What is your favorite Napa estate? I think next time I visit the region I want to explore Sonoma.

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