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Santa Monica Pier

The famed Santa Monica Pier was on my LA to-do list. Although, I am not really sure why. I honestly did not know much about it or what to expect. But, I had a free morning, knew it was famous, and decided why not? As luck would have it not only does the metro go all the way from Pasadena to Santa Monica, but I also had a friend from Florida who had recently relocated there. He offered to show me around for the morning.

Truth be told, I was disappointed by the actual pier. It was smaller than I had imagined and only had a couple rides and food stands. Fortunately, the rest of the town is lovely and Matt showed me the highlights. We started with a stroll overlooking the ocean (so weird that the beach isn’t flat btw) to the famous Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, where we just happened to run into the press day for the new movie Keeping Up with the Joneses.
From there we headed to the pier and down to the water. We ended our morning with mimosas and brunch at the gorgeous Casa del Mar. Santa Monica is a really cute town with great dining and places to shop. After a long brunch Matt had to head out so I did a bit of retail therapy before heading back to Pasadena. 
While in LA, I have struggled to dress appropriately for chilly morning and super sunny, hot days. Especially when I am spending the warmest part of the day outside. I landed on this long-sleeve dress that I had recently purchased from Madewell’s Sezane capsule, which you can see more of here. The long sleeves kept me (some what) warm through the morning chill, but the light fabric saved me from the sizzling sun while I explored Santa Monica. I think this dress will look great with tights and a cardigan for true fall weather.