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Fall Baroque

It should come as no surprise that Baroque art is my favorite period of art. Blame it on the time period I study, or my time spent in Rome, but I love the theatrical nature of the period. Barque art is characterized by drama achieved through intense pigments, sharp contrast, sumptuous fabrics, and opulent ornamentation. This Ann Taylor skirt immediately reminded me of lavish fabric straight from a Baroque painting. Paired with a contrasting patterned blouse and topped with a rich burgundy coat, this look feels like a modern-day interpretation of Baroque aesthetics.

I wore this look for one last brunch and day of exploring in New York with Emily (I will be sharing our favorite brunch spots next week). We started with brunch at The Egg Shoppe and then headed to the nearby Cha Cha Matcha. I have been wanting to try matcha for a while now. The shop was so perfectly pink and green from floor to ceiling. I loved the decor and the bright green color of my matcha latte on the bubblegum pink table, the actual matcha, however, I hated. Not one to give up, I carried it around for awhile, trying to acquire a taste for it. I did not.

While strolling off lunch, Emily, Sophia (in town from Italy!) and I discovered this adorable old red firehouse. We could not resist a mini photo session in front of the giant red doors, and from the look on the firemen’s faces when they pulled up, we were not the first to do so. We made our way to Washington Square Park to enjoy the amazing weather before we had to head back downtown for me to grab my luggage and catch my train back to D.C. I was sad to leave, but I know I will be back as soon as I can. After all it’s New York, and there is truly no other city quite like it!