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Eyebrow Microblading

Have you ever heard of eyebrow microblading? Well, you need to. Because I legit woke up like this!

Eyebrow microblading is the latest in eyebrow trends. Basically it is a form of tattooing. Unlike a traditional tattoo, however, it only lasts one to three years. Using a blade/needle device, pigment is deposited under the skin in small stokes that mimic hairs.

We all know that full, natural-looking brows are in, but growing up in the 90s and 2000s left my eyebrows less than luscious. For years I craved fuller brows and spent hours powdering and penciling them in. I also tried every serum, powder, pencil, and pomade on the market. Even if I put no other makeup on, I always did my brows. Of course, I would also inevitably lose my brows (or a brow) on a hot, sweaty Florida day, working out, or swimming. I dreamed of the day I could wake up with full brows. That day has finally come!

Here is how it works. Your initial appointment lasts about 2 hours. Your face is measured and your ideal eyebrows are drawn on. After your approval and some tweaks, numbing cream is applied. The first cuts are the worst. But, after stroking the basic shape, more numbing cream is added (the pain is no more than waxing). The procedure continues as each eyebrow hair is carefully stoked. You then have to let the pigment set before walking out the door with perfect brows. When they are first done they are very dark, and for the first three days of healing you can’t wet your brows or sweat. After about fours days they scab (just a little bit, it is barely noticeable), which will fall off on their own revealing your slightly lighter, but just as perfect, brows. A month or so after your first session, you will need a touch up, which addresses any areas that did not take pigment or that need to be refined. Google eyebrow microblading before and after, you will be amazed!

These photos were taken 10 days after my touch up. I love how natural they look. It is amazing to wake up with full brows. I have been going without makeup more and more, and it is liberating.

If you are interested make sure you do you research. Find a technician who is fully certified and well practiced (ask to see a lot of pictures and be frank about what you are looking for). If you are near Tampa, I highly recommend Wendy, who did mine. She has been doing my hair since I was 14, so I trust her. She is taking appointments by phone at 813.230.0260.

So what do you think of this latest beauty trend? Also, how hilarious is Ophelia in that last photo?