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Grey Beret

Last weekend I headed up to D.C. to visit my brother. I know, I know, a week late and a dollar short. I planned this trip ages ago when I found a super cheap ticket and before the Woman’s March was fully formed. When I tried to change my travel plans, I realized it would triple my expenses. Sadly, I had to miss out on this historic march.

But, my brother and I made the most of my long weekend in DC together. We decided to explore beyond the city a bit and visited Alexandria (pictured here) and Annapolis (more on Annapolis Friday).

I was so excited to break out my cold-weather clothing for this trip. I had recently scored this gorgeous Club Monaco coat for 60% off and was desperate to finally style it. But, as much as I love this coat, my new grey beret is by far my favorite part of this look. It is so fun and stylish! I also love the pearl accents happening in my purse and shoes. These fabulous loafers sold out quickly, but Nordstrom just released a new, very similar version, which I have linked below.

It was hard deciding which of my favorite winter clothes would get to see the light of day while in DC. Fortunately, I am headed up to New York later this month, so the rest of my winter wardrobe will get some love. I am sure all of you up north reading this think that I am crazy, but I love all of the layers of winter dressing!