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It’s a Pant!

We need to take a second to talk about these amazing wide-leg floral pants (or is it a pant, lol, anyone else think of that Youtube video?). Now, you know I am not normally a pants kind of girl. It is hard to love pants when you are short. And wide-leg pants can be particularly difficult for petite ladies to pull off.

But these pants are different! They come in petite and the proportion of the legs are perfect. Even better, they are super comfortable and come in this gorgeous burgundy and pink floral print. But don’t let the darker floral fool you, pair these with a blush blouse or pinstriped blue top, and they will take your work wear well into spring. There have been a lot of darker florals this spring, many featuring this fabulous burgundy and pink combination, and I love it. It is not your traditional spring color palate, which makes it all the more fun.

I wore this look for a gorgeous morning in Central Park. Emily and I got and early start and headed to Cafe Americano on the Upper East Side for a delicious breakfast before heading to the park. It was a brisk but gorgeous day. Naturally, we had to snap some pics on the Bow Bridge, my absolute favorite spot in Central Park. It was one of those perfect mornings in the park, a choir group was singing under the Bethesda Terrace, children were running around the fountain, and the sun was shining.

Was your favorite part of Central Park?