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What’s Old is New

We all do it. We stand in front of our closet full of clothes and proclaim, “I have nothing to wear.”

Obviously, we have something to wear. What we are really saying is that we have nothing new or exciting to wear.

I am particularly bad about this. In a world of fast-pace and disposable fashion, I often lose interest in clothing items I once loved and couldn’t live without. I find myself always searching for the next best thing rather than appreciating and styling what I have.

In an effort to control my consumerism, I have developed a love of pattern play. Mixing prints and patterns in new and interesting ways breathes new life into my older clothing items and transforms pieces I was once bored with into new and exciting looks.

Take for example this look. I purchased this skirt in Paris last summer. At the time I loved it, you might even say I was obsessed. And I wore it a ton. But last week as I was giving my closet a little spring cleaning, I stumbled on this skirt and realized I had not worn it in months. Sadly, I was already bored with it. I felt like I had worn it in every possible way — with the matching top, a leather jacket, and a white blouse. But, I was determined to breath new life into my once-favorite skirt. So, I turned to my usual trick – mixing prints and playing with patterns (you can read more about how to mix prints and patterns here).

I rediscovered this floral print Juicy Couture (that should give you an idea of how old it is lol) silk top in the back of my closet. The colors worked perfectly together and I could not wait to wear my new look in NYC. The end result is a fabulous, fun, and new look… without purchasing anything!

So, the next time you stand in front of your closet, with nothing to wear, challenge yourself to start mixing your old pieces in new and excited ways.