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10 Great Cafes in Paris





I am all about that cafe life when I am in Paris. Chatting over coffee and people watching is a way of life in Paris, and I love it! Sophia and I started each morning in Paris with a different cafe, always searching for our next favorite.

Every Parisian has their favorite haunt, and today, I decided to share mine. I like each of these for different reasons and frequent all of them regularly when I am Paris, although I always push myself to try new places too. So here we go!

Café del Flore
One of Paris’s oldest cafes, Café del Flore needs no introduction. It has been a popular spot for philosophers and artists since the 19th century and still attracts a chic clientele today. The prices reflect its fame, but the coffee and tea are almost as excellent as the people watching.

Le Bonaparte (42 Rue Bonaparte)
I am a sucker for cafe Le Bonaparte’s red, white, and blue decor. The cafe is quintessentially French and offers a good selection of coffees and pastries in the morning.

Cafe Marly
Cafe Marly’s location cannot be beat. Located in the portico of the Louvre’s north wing, the cafe offers stunning views of the famous Louvre pyramid. Surprisingly, despite this premier locations, the prices are not obscene and it is rarely grounded. I prefer taking a break from the chaotic and overwhelming Louvre here instead of the insane mall and food court in the Louvre’s underground.

Le Pré aux Clercs
I love this cafe because it seems to always been open, even early on a Sunday morning, which is handy to know if you arrive super early from a trans-Atlantic flight. In addition to convenient hours, this place also serves ridiculously grand cappuccini.

When you want to throw your diet out the window and embrace vacation yolo, head to Angelina and indulge in one of their decadent pastries. My personal favorites are the strawberry and the “Paris – New York,” which is a delicious chocolate, pecan, and hazelnut concoction.

L’Esmerelda (1 Quai aux Fleurs)
Ok fair warning, I love this cafe simply for its aesthetic. Located just behind Notre Damn, the aptly named L’Esmerelda is a bit over priced and the food and drink options are standard. But, its charming mint decor truly makes it worth a visit, or at least a photo.

I only recent discovered Carette, but it was love at first croissant! After an early morning shooting at the Trocadero, Sophia and I escaped the rain in this modern but cozy cafe. We were advised to try the heated almond croissant. Let me tell you, that was the best croissant I have ever had!

Cafe Kitsune (51 Galerie de Montpensier)
Not only does Cafe Kitsune have delicious coffee, they have nailed the chic and modern Parisian aesthetic. Plus, they are located in the garden of the Palais Royal (my personal favorite).

Foundation Cafe
This tiny, Australian-run coffee hotspot offers amazing cappuccini and espresso in the Marais.

Boot Cafe
Another hip, but teeny tiny cafe is Boot Cafe. This small but mighty cafe is as delicious as it is adorable and is loved by locals in the area.

Please comment below if you have a favorite cafe in Paris!