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Beret for Fall!





I am calling it now. Berets are going to be everywhere this fall. Well, technically I called this two weeks ago, but as autumn officially approaches, I am doubling down on my prediction, becuase I am seeing berets everywhere!

I purchased this gorgeous red beret 6 years ago in Munich. I was visiting my German friend, Laura (we met at language school in Florence) in December. And let me tell you, Bavaria in December looks like a winter wonderland, or better yet, Narnia! Everything was covered with fresh, fluffy white snow. I, however, was ill-prepared for the cold temps. Laura took me to one of her favorite stores and convinced me I needed this red wool beret. She said it was a timeless classic. She was so right. I guess I had always assumed that no one really actually wore berets, except French mimes in movies. But as I discovered that winter in Europe, lots of European women, including French women, wear berets.

Since that winter, the beret has been a winter wardrobe staple for me (I love my grey one here and I am obsessed with my petite beret here). So, I am so happy to see the beret is trending once more. Like other classic styles, the beret never truly goes out of style, but it does become trendy again every couple decades or so (but isn’t that all fashion really?). Personally, I prefer a beret with more shape and weight (like this one) so that it does not fall flat on your head.

When I saw this poppy print Kate Spade dress I immediately knew I wanted to pair it with my red beret for fall. While the poppy print is so stunning, I was shocked at how flattering and easy to wear this silk shirt dress is (it does come with a belt if you want to add more shape). FYI, I am wearing an XS small, which is not my normal Kate Spade size. I usually have to size up in Kate Spade, but this dress is really generous so make sure you size down.

Will you be rocking the beret this fall?