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How to Layer Dresses in the Fall

How to Layer Dresses for Fall

How to Layer Dresses for Fall
How to Layer Dresses for Fall

When you think of fall layers, you probably don’t think of dresses. Layering dresses, however, is a great way to transition some of your favorite pieces into fall.

The pussy bow blouse is basically my best friend and perfect for all fall layering. The obvious choice is to layer it under a sheath dress (like so). While I love this look and wear it constantly in the fall, you can also layer a pussy bow blouse under an off-the-shoulder dress (or top even). It is definitely not a subdued look, but I personally love it.

Layering a sweater over a dress will give you extra warmth and a new way to wear your favorite dress in cooler temps. You can also turn your favorite dress into a fall tunic with the perfect pair of leather leggings. I also love Spanx’s new arm tights, which pretty much instantly transforms any dress for fall. Likewise, a turtleneck looks great under dresses with deep v-necks and slip dresses.

Whatever you do, don’t discount your favorite dresses just because temperatures are dropping!

What do you think? How do you layer your dresses in the fall?