How to Wear a Beret

How to wear a beret
How to wear a beret
How to wear a beret

Have you noticed that I am really into berets? They are one of my all-time favorite accessory. But I am surprised by how many of my friends think they can’t wear a beret because it “doesn’t look good” on them. What I like about berets is how versatile they are. They can be styled in lots of ways, and it is really just about finding the style that works best for your face shape and hair.

So, I thought I should share some of my beret styling secrets. First things first though — Not all berets are created equal! Personally, I like simple berets that are just wool or a wool blend. I don’t like the ones with a firm band around the base. This is because you have more freedom to style the simple ones. That said, make sure you select a beret that is firm not flimsy, so it will hold its shape. This is why I prefer wool. You can shop my favorite beret in lots of colors here.

Now on to styling. There are four basic ways to wear a beret (pictured below). You can wear them all, or stick to the silhouette that best flatters you face shape. The key to positioning and styling your beret is that cute little tail on top. Nope, it isn’t just for looks. It is what you grab to shape and style your beret.

I personally prefer my berets pulled up for volume. To achieve this look, put your beret on and position it where you want it on your head — straight, to the side, or back. Make sure the band is folded under and simply grab the tail and pull up to poof the beret on your head. You might also need to pull backwards a bit as well. I think this fuller shape is pretty universally flattering. Tip – If you have full bangs, wear the beret further back on your head.

You can also wear your beret folded over and to the side. To achieve this look, put your beret on and position it across your forehead and angled slightly to the side. Make sure the band is not folded for this look (you can fold it, but unfolded gives a more dramatic shape). Then grab your beret’s tail and push it forward and to the side to create volume in the front and to the side.

Remember, practice makes perfect and you might have to try several of these styles before you figure out which is right for you.

How to wear a beret


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