The Great (es)Cape

Talbolts Plaid Cape
History in High Heels, Paris, Eiffel Tour
History in High Heels, Paris, Talbolts Plaid Cape
History in High Heels, Paris, Eiffel Tour
History in High Heels, Paris, Eiffel Tour
History in High Heels, Paris, Eiffel Tour

This. Cape.

I am in love. I actually purchased it on a bit of a whim the day before I left for Spain. I saw it online but was quickly disappointed when I realized it was completely sold out. But then I noticed a little button that said “check in store.” As fate would have it, one cape in my size was still available in Athens, Georgia. Since I was headed to Atlanta to catch my flight anyway, I left a little early and headed to Athens to see this cape. A bit over-the-top I know, but it honestly turned out to be one of my best purchases of 2017 and amazing for travel.

Now you might think a cape is anything but travel friendly. But I found it super comfy and practical. For example, when I was surrounded by gypsy teenagers along the Seine, knowing my purse was safely tucked under my cape gave me an extra sense of security. It also meant I could hide an extra bag as I boarded the plane lol.

Some how this cape (also in black here) manages to not only be roomy and comfortable, but flattering too. I have no idea how, but it doesn’t make me look boxy or twenty pounds heavier. Sadly, as I mentioned before, it is almost sold out. There are some sizes left, however, and you can also search by zip code for one in store (then I would call and have it shipped if the store is too far). Speaking of Talbolts, out of no where they have seem to rebranded a bit and have lots of cute items.

Since I love mixing plaids and dressing a bit extra when in Paris, I paired my perfect plaid cape with this throw-back plaid skirt. I also couldn’t resist pairing my plaid skirt and cape with knee high socks and Mary-Jane’s. The best part about this cape is that while it looks super cute dressed up, it is just as cute dressed down (I styled it with jeans and a tee here).

We shot these amazing Eiffel Tour photos from the Trocadero on the only day it didn’t rain while I was in Paris. Of course, that is Paris for you in the winter, a cold rainy mess. But don’t worry, even in the rain Paris is gorgeous! When the weather betrayed me, I found solace in her many festive department stores lol.

So, what are your thoughts on this cape, and capes for travel more generally? Yay or nay?

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  1. Nice pics! And your outfit is gorgeous.
    I’m going to Paris in May for the first time and I’ve been reading all your post of Paris ann Italy.
    I want lovely photos has yours!!

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