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Cheap Thrill

As much as I believe in investing in quality clothing and resisting the world of “fast fashion,” sometimes you just need a cheap thrill. And this look is definitely a cheap thrill! The skirt and sweater are both from H&M and the bag is an amazing Amazon dupe!

Until recently, I was never a big fan of H&M. So, resisting their fast fashion wasn’t hard, since I never really love any of their items. Recently, however, they have stepped up their design game, making it much harder for me to resist. It all started with this striped sweater. After ordering and loving that striped sweater, I decided to see what else H&M had to offer. That was how I discovered this adorable skirt and beige sweater.

But let’s talk about this Chloe purse dupe for a second. It is surprisingly well made and looks just like the Chloe Nile bracelet bag. It also comes in a ton of colors! I could not resist this red version, but I also have my eye on the brown.

While it is easy to be seduced by the cheap thrills of stores like H&M, I have to remind myself of the damaging environmental and exploitative human labor practices that make purchasing a skirt for 30 bucks possible. I know that recently H&M has been working to reduce their inventory and recycle clothing, but they are definitely far from sustainable fashion. That said, most people, myself included, don’t always have the budget to buy only sustainably and ethically made clothing. In the end I think it is all about moderation. There is nothing wrong with indulging in a sweater or skirt from H&M every once in a while. For me, H&M will remain a cheap thrill every once in a while.

What are your thoughts on fast fashion?