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Perfectly Pink

monochromatic pink in Savannah
monochromatic pink look

I am so excited that it is finally starting to feel like spring! The magnolias are blooming and temperatures are rising. And you know what that means? It is time to wear all the pink and switch your wool coats to trench coats.

I am kind of obsessed with this drapey pink trench. The fabric is thick, but not too thick, so it has just the right amount of weight. But, despite being drapey it does not wrinkle easily. I personally hate trenches that are too stiff, too thin, and wrinkle easily. Believe it or not, this trench is actually from Abercrombie and is currently on sale!

I paired my new trench with this adorable pink gingham shirt dress Lauren James sent me. I was worried that a shirt dress may not flatter me, but this one is actually quite flattering and easy to wear. It even has pockets! It will be a great piece for spring and I love that you can dress it up or down.

Lately, I have been really into monochromatic looks. A monochromatic look, however, is deceptively hard to put together. My advice? Instead of focusing on find exact color matches, look for items of the same hue but in different tints, shades, or tones. For example, this trench and dress are two different shades of the same hue.