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Splurges That Are Completely Worth It

As I get older, I find that more and more I value quality over quantity, and that certain items are simply worth the price tag. That said, I still try to be strategic with what I invest in. I want to make sure that expensive items will be timeless, if clothing or accessories, and truly worth it, if cosmetic. Of course, it is so hard to tell if that expensive luggage or face cream is going to be worth it without trying it. So, I thought I would share my experience with several expensive, but completely worth it items.

Gucci Hat
Full disclosure, this one is only worth it if you are a crazy hat lady like myself. Yes, this hat is pricey, but once you feel the quality, you will understand why it is so worth it. I had been eyeing this hat for ages, but it wasn’t until Allie let me borrow hers that I was sold on it. The style is so classic and timeless and, as I said, the quality is amazing. I feel like I am always stressing over my hats, trying to keep them in mint condition because they feel so fragile and easily bend. But this one feels super sturdy, almost indestructible.

La Mer Face Cream
I was honestly so mad about how much I loved this cream and how it transformed my skin. I did not want to admit that this super pricey cream would live up to the hype. Not only did it live up to it, it exceeded my expectations. I tried it after receiving a free sample. I was surprised that despite my oily skin, the thick cream did not clog my pores. In fact, my oil production seemed to decrease. I have seen a big improvement in my skin’s texture and color.

Veronica Beard Blazer
Veronica Beard makes the best blazers. You will never regret an always-classic and chic double-breasted black blazer with gold buttons. It goes with everything and instantly elevates any look.

Gucci Marmont
Another Gucci purchase I love! I debated for months over this bag. But it is honestly the perfect little bag. It is both stylish and functional and the smaller size means it can be dressed up or down.

Stuart Weitzman Reserve Over the Knee Boots
Another purchase I wish I had taken the plunge and purchased sooner. I held off for several seasons, purchasing various dupes, only to have to re-buy each season. I probably spent the same amount on sub-par boots, when I could have just purchased these from the start. I do recommend water proofing them and purchasing a suede brush for upkeep.

Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats
These have long been my go-to flats for work. I also love them for travel since they can fold in half. I like the patent leather because it keeps them looking like new for ages.

Mason Pearson Brush
Most people are shocked that so many women swear by a hundred-plus-dollar hair brush. I am one of them and I am not ashamed. This brush changed my life. I have had mine for five years now and I never go anywhere with out it. Don’t believe me that this natural boar-hair brush is worth it? Just read the thousands of reviews!

Club Monaco Camel Coat
Investing in a long, cashmere or wool camel coat is so worth it. It is another timeless wardrobe staple that you will wear for years. One of my favorites is on currently sale!

Briggs and Riley Suitcase
Two words – lifetime warranty. When you travel a lot internationally, you learn real quick how important a quality suitcase is. In addition to being high-quality and functional, Briggs and Riley suitcases have lifetime warranties. If it rips, a wheel falls off, or the zipper breaks they repair it for free.

What is your most splurge-worthy item?