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Spring’s Biggest Trends

What fashionista doesn’t love the start of a new season? Fresh silhouettes, shapes, and patterns to try, and a chance to refresh your wardrobe.  A new season is also a chance to further refine your style, or revamp it completely. With each new season, I love to watch for trends and decide which I will embrace and which I will just wonder, why? So far, 2018 seems to be very early-2000’s-esque. And I don’t hate it. While I won’t be re-wearing spaghetti strap dress with baby-doll tees (you know you remmber that one), I am happy to see the return of bold, wide-leg pants, stacked espadrilles, and smaller, retro shades (despite my love of over-sized sunnies). With spring just around the corner, I have rounded up of current favorites for each trend I think will be big this spring. Happy shopping!

Statement Earrings
Earrings are big and bold this spring. But instead of heavy plastic opt for natural materials for a more handmade feel.

I feel like there is a conspiracy against bras this spring. As much as I love the cut out trend, it tends to be a little impractical. That said, it’s a great look for your spring getaway.

Bold Pants
After so many seasons of skinny jeans, wide leg pants are making a comeback. If you aren’t into a wide leg, you can also try the new cropped ruffle hem trend.

Matching Sets
Two is always better than one. Why buy one cute item when you can have the matching set? It is like three looks in one!

PVC Shoes
While I have been on the environmentally-friendly, recyclable, indestructible, and comfortable PVC shoe train for a while now, I feel like they are finally taking off!

I am always happy to see gingham trending, and this season is no different!

Stacked Espadrilles
As a short girl, I will always appreciate a platform shoe. This season, stacked and platform espadrilles are going to give us all the lift we need.

Wicker Bags
I am so relieved to see that last year’s wicker bags were not a one-hit or one-season wonder. If you didn’t invest in one last season, now is the time!

Small Sunglasses
I will admit, I LOVE oversized sunnies. So this trend is harder for me to get behind. But, I like to push myself to try new things and think the right pair of smaller, retro-shades will look great this spring.