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Cut It Out

I have a love/hate relationship with the current cut-out dress trend — love the look, hate how impracticable it is! You’re just not going to be able to wear a cut out dress to work, and god forbid you have boobs and need to wear a bra! Thus, this trend is purely a vacation or weekend look, which is fine for a piece or two, but not something I am going to fill my closet with.

Of all the cut out dresses out there at the moment, I wanted to try this one because it seem the most practical. Again, I love the look, but I definitely struggled to find a bra I could wear with it and I was constantly readjusting the bodice. If you are not as endowed on top, this will definitely be less of an issue. Despite the cut out struggle, I love the overall look of the dress. You cannot go wrong with a blue stripe, full sleeves, and a button up midi skirt.

While I am happy that I tried this trend, my conclusion is that it is one of those trends I love, but that just doesn’t work for me.

What are your thoughts on the cut out dress trend?