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Vacation Worthy Dresses Under $200

Whether I am traveling in Italy in the summer or spring-breaking in Cartagena, dresses are my warm weather travel uniform. Personally, I am just more comfortable in dresses. And I love fun colors and bold prints when I am traveling. Every spring I begin the hunt to stock up on vacation- or travel-worthy dresses for spring and summer. Most of the time, I look for dresses with a sleeve and a bit of length (at least to the knee) because I don’t want to spend money on something I can only wear on vacation. I also have to think about religious dress codes in Italy. Most churches require shoulders and knees to be covered.

With some solid internet hunting, I can usually find what I am looking for. This year, however, there seems to be a conspiracy against sleeves and bras. What gives? While I love the cut out trend, it just isn’t practical if you have a job and don’t spend your life on perpetual vacations. I don’t mind buying one for a special occasion, but I am not going to stock my closet with them. Several of you have messaged me on Instagram saying that you are also struggling to find travel/vacay dresses with sleeves or that are bra friendly. Trust me, you are not alone! Given the struggle this year, I figured I would share what I have found so far this spring — like this pretty white dress. This is a perfect example of what I am looking for. It feels festive and fun, but is still completely appropriate to wear outside of a tropical getaway.

This dress is also the type of thing I would wear while teaching and traveling in Italy. It is functional in the heat (it’s linen), but still stylish and flattering, and it meets the modesty requirements of churches (and teaching). I also ordered this adorable shirt dress, which I think will be perfect this summer for the same reasons.

What are your thoughts on the cut-out dress trend?

Oh and I cannot forget to mention these amazing lemon earrings, obsessed! Sadly these are sold out, but the same brand has so many fun options here.