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My Go-To Travel Shoe

I have said it before and I am going to keep saying it – when it comes to comfort, style, and practicability, there is no better shoe for travel than Melissa Shoes (exhibit A, B, C and D).

Teaching and traveling through Italy in the summers is tough on your feet. Plus, whenever I travel, I love to explore cities on foot. Walking really is the best way to see a city like Rome, but this can take a toll on your toes. Warm summer temperatures, cobblestone streets, and standing in museums for hours requires the right shoes, that is if you don’t want to be sore and blistered by the end of the day.

I actually discovered Melissa Shoes in Florence. At the time they were a popular Brazilian brand that had yet to make its way to the States. My summer sandals had broken, and I was desperately hunting for a new pair. At first I was simply intrigued by a pair of colorful plastic Melissa’s I spotted on display. Yep, all Melissa shoes are made from a type of PVC. But when I tried them on, I couldn’t believe how cushioned and comfy they were. Still, I was skeptical about plastic sandals in Florence’s summer heat. To my surprise, however, my new sandals were incredibly breathable and did not rub or blister my feet. Not only were they like walking on pillows, the plastic meant that they were virtually indestructible and didn’t stain or scratch. The following week, at the end of a tough, dingy day in Rome, I just washed my sandals in the sink and they looked brand new. After that summer I was sold!

Since that summer five years ago I haven’t traveled without my Melissa Shoes. And fortunately, Melissa Shoes have finally made there way to the US. I thought I would share some of my favorite styles for summer travel.

Best Shoes for Travel

#1 – The Classy
This style is my favorite for a couple of reasons. It is sleek, timeless, and is the most comfortable of all my Melissa Shoes. It also comes in a number of colors and is super light weight for packing. It also easy takes you from the beach to sightseeing. For this summer, I picked up this bronze version (seen here) which will go with everything (more colors on sale here).

#2 – The Melrose
This is another great neutral sandal that will go with almost everything. Unlike the Classy it is a bit more of a casual style. It also has a little but of a heel/platform if are looking for a little height without sacrificing comfort (also here).

#3 – The Salinas
These are my most recent addition to my Melissa collection. I like them because they have a little platform for some extra height and a really cute rope design. I will say however, that the platform base Melissas, just like any platform sandal, are better suited for more relaxed travel days. I can still walk miles in these, but they are not as comfortable as the Classy or Melrose. I love the white color with the tan sole (seen here) and the bronze color (seen here).