Workwear On Repeat

Don’t you just love when you find stylish, high quality workwear that you want to wear again and again? I feel like I wear this skirt and blazer at least once a week. Both of these pieces have turned out to be some of my all-time best purchases. I love both of them because they manage to be timeless yet interesting and easy to wear.

I think most people assume that truly versatile workwear has to be boring and monochromatic (navy or black). But, I beg to differ. You might think that a polka dot skirt (last seen here) and plaid blazer (last seen here) are the opposite of versatile, but I have been pleasantly surprised how much they go with and how easy they are to style with lots of different items in already my closet. Adding to their versatility is the fact that both are basically seasonless and can be dressed up or down.

I snapped these pics after work last week. How gorgeous are these cherry blossoms? Despite a rather capricious spring (please decide whether or not you are here to stay!), much of Georgia is in full bloom at the moment. First it was the Japanese magnolias and now it is the cherry blossoms.

There is no better feeling then investing in items you love, that work for your real life, you feel great in, and know that you will wear for years to come! Hopefully I can get better at replicating these purchases.

Read more about my favorite work bag here.

  1. Janelle

    Love the outfit! I would be interested in a post on shoes to wear for work. I commute by public transportation, walking miles each day, and struggle to find shoes that look professional but also don’t kill my feet by the end of the day. After a recent cobblestone-induced limp fest in Italy, I resolved to finally find comfortable work shoes!

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