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A Sweet Treat

Laduree NYC
Spring Pastels in NYC
Spring in NYC

It was a sweet treat to escape to New York last weekend. I like quick trips to the city to see friends and enjoy city life (still adjusting the the rural south over here). Where I live doesn’t even have a Target, so a Laduree is certainly out of the question. While in town, we made sure to indulge in all my favorite New York things – Laduree macarons, strolls through Central Park, authentic Italian food, and lots of bagels… just realized most of this list involves eating lol.

Fortunately, spring decided to arrive to NYC that very same weekend. New York was absolutely gorgeous. It was the perfect weekend to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, warm temperatures, and fresh blooms. Keeping with the city’s spring aesthetic, I wore this flirty and feminine Shoshana dress. And given that our first stop of the day was breakfast at Laduree, I couldn’t resist adding this retro inspired, lampshade hat. I wasn’t sure if I would love the lampshade silhouette on me, but I am digging the Audrey Hepburn vibes.

I think spring is my favorite time of year in NYC. Between the magnolias, cherry blossoms, and tulips, it is hard not to swoon.