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A Monumental Morning

Pantheon, Rome

Pantheon, Rome
Sunrise at the Pantheon, Rome

Each morning in Rome, Allie and I would wake up early and head out to one of Rome’s famous monuments. I know arriving to the Pantheon at 6 am seems crazy, but I promise this is the best time of day to not only take pictures, but to enjoy Rome’s highlights.

This dress (that Allie so graciously brought to me in Rome) turned out to be a lifesaver. Not only is it photogenic, but it is incredibly light weight and comfy. It was basically like wearing pjs. In the heat of the day, I always ended up changing back into this dress because it was the only thing I could stand to wear.

Back to the Pantheon – If I had to choose my favorite monument in Rome, I think it would be the Pantheon. It is just amazing how well preserved this 2,000-year-old building is. Today it is actually a church. It was converted from a pagan temple to all the Gods of Rome to a Christian church early on after the fall of Rome, which is what saved it from destruction. There is talk of starting to charge an entrace fee to regulate the crowds, but for now you can enjoy this ancient architectural wonder for free! If you really want to indulge, grab an overpriced drink at da Claudia and enjoy and incredible view and people watching.