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My Favorite Photo Spots in Rome

It is true what they say, there is no place like Rome! As you all know by now, Rome is one of my all-time favorite cities. For most, their first visit to Rome can be overwhelming. When you are focused on seeing the big sights, the smaller, tranquil and charming side of Rome is often overlooked. You can read my post on how to find that side of Rome here.

Once you discover the softer side of Rome — it’s endless little streets, slightly worn warm pastel plaster, and lush ivy — you’ll understand why I love just strolling Rome and snapping all the pics along the way. In fact, Rome is one of my favorite places to shoot. It has a great variety of jaw-dropping monumental scenes as well as charming little vignettes.

I have rounded up all of my favorite spots to capture Rome below!

Best Places to Capture Rome’s Famous Monuments:

The Colosseum

This is arguably Rome’s most iconic site. To get a good image of it, you will want to arrive early, especially in the summer. A great place to capture its beauty is from an elevated street (Via Nicola Salvi, see map below) that overlooks the Piazza del Colosseo. This is where every snaps a pic looking at the Colosseum from a ledge. If you want to capture the entire building, head down to the main piazza in between the Forum and Colosseum entrance. But to do this, you will need a wide-angle lens (22mm) and you will want to arrive at sunrise. If you don’t have a wide angle lens, you can still snap a pic of the entire Colosseum from the east end of the Forum (see map).

Trevi Fountain
Another iconic Roman site. This one, however, does not have any secret locations, you just need to get there at sunrise if you don’t want a million tourists in your photo.

Spanish Steps
Like the Trevi Fountain, you want to arrive early, preferably just after sunrise. The best captures are from the bottom near the sinking boat fountain, or from the steps of the church at the top (again, see map below).

The Roman Forum
My favorite vista of the ancient Roman Forum is from the Capitoline Hill. This view lets you see all of the Forum with the Colosseum in the background and is especially stunning at sunrise. Another great shot of the Forum is from one of the overhanging platforms along the north side. Both of these locations do not require entrance into the Forum.

Another site worth the early morning wake up call. Are you noticing a pattern? This one, however, you will want to let the sunrise a bit so it peaks through the stunning ancient columns.

Best Places to Capture Rome’s Charm:
To really capture what makes Rome special, you will want to get off the main streets and explore. None of these spots are famous sites, but more charming streets, squares, and doors that I have stumbled upon over the years. I have also marked all of these on the map below.

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