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Ultimate Rome Restaurant Guide

Because Allie and I are such giving and caring people, we selflessly ate our way through Rome, trying as many restaurants as possible so we could deliver the most comprehensive list of fabulous places to eat in our favorite city… are you buying that? Good, here we go!

Pro tip – make a reservation when ever possible for all of these. You can do so directly by calling (via Skype or Whatsapp) or have your hotel call and book.



This hip place is the spot for cured meats and cheese. They have truly mastered calcio e pepe and don’t even get me started on their burrata cheese starter and wine selection.

Il Sostengo

One of my all-time favorites, this quaint, family-run little restaurant is just steps away from the Pantheon and named for the support that holds up the aging building. They do all the Roman classics well, but I love their white veggie lasagna.

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali 

Another great option just steps away from a major historical site (the Forum and Colosseum). They also have a delicious take on carbonara.

Trattoria Da Enzo Al 29
Recently, this place has blown up, but for good reason. They have the best carbonara in Rome.


I just discovered this place this summer and I love it. It is chic, modern, and delicious! I had an eggplant millefoglie as an antipasto that was to die for!

Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago

Trastevere in general is a great place to eat, and Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago is no exception. They have soufflé antipasto is incredible!

Antico Arco
A long-time Roman favorite. If you’re feeling adventurous opt for the seven-course tasting menu.

Da Francesco
This is the place for crispy, delicious pizza. I went with the asparagus and egg and had zero regrets.

Flavio al Velavevodetto

True foodies should venture into the Testaccio neighborhood, which has been dubbed the place to eat “off the beaten path.”

Where to Eat in Rome

Quick and Casual Bites:

Three words – fried rice balls. Supplizio serves up Rome’s most famous “street food.” But they don’t stop at traditional rice balls, they have all sorts of creative and delicious flavors.

Ginger Sapori e Salute

Another great option for a quick bite just steps away from the Spanish Steps.

Alice Pizza
Finding good food at a fair price in and around the Vatican can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Alice pizza serves up incredible and creative pizza options by the slice! Try the zucchini flower and burrata, you will not be disappointed.

La Boccaccia

Another amazing pizza place, but this time in Trastevere. La Boccaccia is a local favorite and perfect to take away for a casual picnic in Trastevere.

I have included all my favorites in the map below.

And if you find yourself with out a reservation or no where near any of these options, click here for my tips on selecting a restaurant in Italy.

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