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Trust Me, You Need a Leopard Skirt in Your Life

After each season, I like to reflect on my purchases. What items did I wear the most? Which were the most versatile? Which did I regret purchasing or did not wear as much as I thought I would? I find that this helps me identify what items really work for me and my life. Plus, it keeps me focused on more functional clothing items rather than being seduced by the latest trends and fast fashion.

This season’s winner? This amazing silk leopard skirt. In fact, I wore it so much, that as winter approached, I purchased a sweater skirt version.

I liked this skirt because it was chic and fashionable, but still comfortable! As much as I love fashion and getting dressed up for photos, I tend to grab my more comfortable pieces for everyday work and life. I also loved that I could wear it so many ways — dressed up with a blazer for work or with a t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers for weekends. Leopard also acts as a neutral, which you can pair it with just about anything from florals, to solids, to plaids. Below are some ways I have styled my skirt so far!

What was your best purchase of Fall 2018?