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Preventative Botox

Let’s talk Botox!

Specifically, preventative Botox.

I know what you are thinking. “Botox?” “I am too young, and I don’t what to end up looking like one of those plastic, frozen faces on the Real Housewives.”

Trust me, you won’t. Especially since preventative Botox is designed to prevent the need for more drastic Botox and facial fillers later.

First, I think it is important to note that many confuse the look of Botox and facial fillers. The strange looking faces you see on TV are more likely the product of too much filler and more extreme plastic surgery. All Botox does is freeze targeted muscles, muscles your face (through certain expressions) overuses. The overuse of certain muscles overtime causes creases in the skin. Originally, Botox was used on older women to improve the appearance of those lines and wrinkles.

But instead of improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, why not prevent them?

By starting less invasive Botox when those faint lines begin to appear (typically in your late 20s or early 30s), you can actually prevent them from forming deeper wrinkles as you age. Botox also works incrementally. Using less Botox over a longer period of time yields better, more natural looking results. Basically, a little bit now will go a long way later!

I started preventative Botox about 1.5 years ago. I had a wonderful doctor in Georgia and was nervous about finding someone in DC. Unlike small-town Georgia, DC is flooded with plastic surgeons and med spas offering Botox. I found DC Plastic Surgery Boutique on Instagram (#ofcourse). I loved how transparent Dr. Kulkarni and her team was on social media. You can’t fake it when live streaming procedures!

When I met the team for my consultation, I knew immediately I had found the right place (the pink tufted couch in the waiting room was the first sign). DC Plastic Surgery Boutique is an aesthetic practice for women, by women! And Dr. Kulkarni promotes natural results and non-invasive procedures whenever possible. For me, she recommended doing the bare minimum and that I only need preventative Botox once or twice a year. There was no oversell and I am thrilled with my results!

Have you thought about starting preventative Botox?

PS – There are no dramatic before and afters, because, well, that’s the point!

*Please note this post was not sponsored. DC Plastic Surgery Boutique offered me a small discount for sharing my experiences. I paid for the procedure and all opinions are my own.