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Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I have been toying with the idea of creating and sticking to seasonal capsule wardrobes for a while. I love the simplicity and ease of it, and I especially like the idea of buying less.

While capsule wardrobes are not conducive to blogging and traveling, a seasonal capsule for my non-blogging (aka my real professional life) would simplify my morning routine and style. I will likely continue my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription for my insta-blogging-travel needs, but I am excited to give a capsule a try this fall!

This capsule was inspired by my friend Jess. We were lamenting our wardrobes — closets full of clothing but only regularly wearing a quarter of it. The beauty of the capsule is that it forces you to focus on well-made, well-fitting pieces that all work with each other. If defines your style and creates a cohesive look. Finally, investing more in fewer items that are better tailored and higher quality, means you will actually repeatedly wear and enjoy the items you have and purchase.

Obviously, purchasing all new items defeats the purpose of a capsule. So, I began by selecting pieces I already own and love. For example, of the items below, I already owned the pearl headband, t-shirt, jeans (these are honestly the best jeans I have ever owned), Sezane dress, leopard flats, a similar plaid blazer, black flounce skirt, checked coat (last year’s version), a white tie-neck blouse, and a similar blue sweater. From there I filled out the capsule with coordinating pieces, focusing on versatility. For the color-scheme, I wanted to stay away from black. Too many capsules rely on navy and black for cohesion, and I wanted to prove you could do just as much with color!

I have linked all of the capsule items below! Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried a wardrobe capsule (or why you haven’t!).

And of course, check my instastories to see all of the ways I mix and match these pieces!